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Paleo, Keto
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The sweet and guilt-free
pure energy

The Hello Keto brand is the best choice if you want to beautify or you just need a good training buddy. This brand offers a range of products which, in addition to being free of all allergens and sugar, they contain top-quality ingredients that help you always be in great shape so that your body gets the best nutrients and quickly recharges with energy. Your body gets pure sweet energy totally guilt-free, and through these products you will experience that what is healthy can be enticingly delicious. Let these bars be the source of happiness and pure energy you cannot have enough of at any time of the day. Hello Keto, because your body deserves the best.

Hello Keto chocolates
Health Market - Good4You Vegán - paleo csokoládé
Health Market logo

Where our focus is on sweet life free of allergens and compromises

The great selection and variety of our products guarantee that everyone can safely choose from high-quality, all allergen-free and sugar-free products to suit everyone’s sweet taste. You may be vegan, follow paleo lifestyle, or have a special diet, but maybe you are on a weight-loss journey, or have food allergy challenges, seeing the Health Market brand, be sure and know that all our products are at once gluten-free, contain no added sugar or milk, also soy and egg free, so you are safe to choose any one of these products at any time. All this pure, allergen-free, without compromises.

Rustles - Meal Replacement - Logó - 300x300px

So that the force can always be with you!

Has it happened to you that after leaving home you realized you didn’t bring breakfast and lunch with you, and you didn’t even take your vitamins? So you have to eat something again that goes against the promise you made to yourself that you will pay attention to your health. We admit honestly this has happened to us countless times. That’s why we have come up with an alternative that provides a simplecompact solution to these situations even in our fast-paced everyday life. Here it is and now available! We are proud to present our RUSTLES MEAL REPLACEMENT product family, now there for you at hand whenever you want to eat something delicious also nutritious, and your health is important to you.

Rustles Meal Replacement - Étkezést kiváltó szeletek
Hello Keto csokik
Hello Keto - Protein
"When I saw the Hello Keto protein chocolate and read the list of ingredients, I immediately found it interesting. They are super delicious, very healthy, and completely provide what I expect from a product like this. After I eat a bar, I’m not hungry for 2-3 hours afterwards, I have energy to work, to do sports and finally my stomach doesn’t bloat. I highly recommend it to everyone."
Managing director
Health Market TwoRoo az egészséges turórudi alternatíva
Health Market - TwoRoo
"Last time I ate túró rudi was when I was a kid because unfortunately later it was discovered that I have intolerance to gluten and milk. I never thought I could ever eat again such a delicious product! It completely resembles the old, authentic feeling and the chocolate is actually lot more delicious than I remember! Thank you Health Market!"
Health Market Elektro Max italpor
Health Market - Elektro Max
"A friend of mine recommended me to drink electrolyte so my headaches would be gone. I thought it would be too easy to be true since I had been trying all sorts of remedies for about 20 years, but nothing really worked. After his consistent encouragement I decided to try it. I couldn't believe the results! I drank the contents of a sachet dissolved in half a liter of water and within 10 minutes my headache was completely gone! I highly recommend this product to all my fellow sufferers! For me, this is something like magic, thank you."
T. K.
Hello Keto Ella csokik
Hello Keto - Ella
"I haven’t eaten such an energizing bar before that would give so much energy for running. After work I eat a Hello Keto Hazelnotella bar, this is my favorite one, and I can then easily complete my 10 km run. Before discovering this product I often went for jogging with stiff, tired body, now it’s all going much more easily, energetically. Thank you and much success to the team!"
H. Gy.
Amateur marathon runner
Health Market Delight allergén és minden mentes csokoládék
Health Market - Delight
"I'm a vegan athlete. Most vegan chocolates and sweet products unfortunately contain added sugar, so I didn’t consume them. When Delight chocolates appeared on the market which were finally sugar-free, rice and soy-free, I immediately tried all of them. OK, of course not at once! 🙂 My favorite is the White Delight with blackcurrents. At long last I don’t have to give up snacking even in competition season."
Z. I.
Fitness trainer, Triathlete
Health Market Good 4 You csoki
Health Market - Good 4 You
"Both of my children are celiac, and neither me nor my husband eat sugar. It was very difficult for me to find a chocolate that would have suited and appealed to the whole family. Good4You has become our top hit! Each of us has a different preference in flavor, and these chocolates are our family favorites. I always have a couple of these bars in my handbag 🙂 Thank you Health Market!"
J. K.
Medical Assistant

Our mission

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We believe that healthy body condition can be achieved by consuming clean, good quality, allergen-free foods, and this provides continuous inspiration for our product developments. One of our strengths is that ideas are immediately followed by firm plans and implementation of those. We follow the path of our products from the procurement of raw materials, through production to getting them to our consumers. It is pivotal to us that those who consume our products always get the best quality and taste, because to us health is paramount.

TwoRoo the only hungarian cottage cheese chocolate bar allergen free alternatives